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Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim was inclined towards writing poetry since his student life. According to some recognized poets of that period he showed a lot of promise in this field. Later in life he did engage in producing standard poetic works from time to time, however, he did not consider poetry as the sole medium through which he could express his thoughts effectively in later life. However, a selection of his poetic works do express a deep imprint of his philosophical bent of mind and tendency towards spirituality.

His appreciation of the universal values and truth as expressed in other faiths is exemplified in the poetic Urdu translation of Bhagvad Geeta. This has been acclaimed by many as an excellent rendition of this holy book in Devnagri script in India.

Dr. Hakim presided over several “Mushairas” where he was given due recognition in literary gatherings in Indo-Pakistan both as a philosopher and poet.

A selected edition of his poems is available entitled "Kalaam-e-Hakim" (Institute of Islamic Culture, Lahore)

Bhagvad Gita (poetic translation) --- Sang-e-Meel "Aay Khitta-e-Kashmir".


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