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Institute of Islamic Culture was established in 1950 at Lahore, Pakistan. The founder Director was Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakim an eminent intellectual, philosopher and poet. The main objective for its creation was research and publication of books related to progressive aspects of Islamic ideology and culture. After Pakistan came into being in 1947 the need was felt for such a forum where scholars would elaborate their views on the spirit of Islam and its application in different aspects of society and culture in relation to contemporary issues. So far nearly 200 books have been published in Urdu and English on varied topics by scholars under the guidance of Dr Khalifa Abdul Hakim and his successors. Those authors associated with the Institute include Professor M. M. Sharif, Shiekh Muhammad Ikram, Maulana Hanif Nadvi, Maulana Jafar Shah Phulwari, Professor Saeed Shiekh, Siraj Munir, Dr Rashid Ahmad Jullandri and Qazi Javed. The Institute is supported by grants from the federal and provincial governments. The Institute has been organising annual Khalifa Abdul Hakim Memorial Lectures since a few decades.These have been addressed by eminent scholars of repute.



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