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Dr. Khalifa Abdul Hakim, (1896-1959). He was a noted philosopher, poet, author of several books on Islam, Literature and a translator. He knew seven languages.

Dr. Hakim’s educational career started at Lahore, was followed at Aligarh M.A.O. College, St Stephen’s College, Delhi (B.A./M.A), Heidelberg University (Ph.D).

Dr. Hakim’s professional career started at Osmania University, Hyderabad Deccan where he was a founder Professor. Later he was on deputation for three years at Amar Singh College, Sirinagar College and later, Director of Education. From 1949-1959 he was founder Director Institute of Islamic Culture, Lahore till his demise. Punjab University has awarded him an LLD honor’s causa. His contributions are recognized by scholars in academic journals, annual memorial lectures and by students in Doctoral and Master’s theses.

Dr. Hakim’s main interest was in promotion of the universal values of Islam in the contemporary context. These were reflected not only in his writings but also in establishing an Institute of Islamic Culture where a number of publications on a variety of subjects were produced exemplifying the progressive nature of Islam. He also lectured extensively not only in Pakistan but also in U.S.A and in international conferences. He was a member on various commissions including the Muslim Families Law Commission, to give practical shape to ideas reflecting liberal aspects of Islam.

Dr. Hakim was particularly influenced by Allama Mohammad Iqbal and Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi’s line of thinking, this was admirably elaborated in his publications. These books are now standard texts for scholars. His book on Ghalib’s philosophical thoughts in his poetry is also well received. His poetic translation of the Bhagvad Gita, in Urdu verse is also Dr. Hakim’s contribution. Apart from writing philosophy books translations of philosophical works of German authors into Urdu were also done by him. His speeches at national and international fora on philosophy and religion had a good impact on varied audiences.

Dr. Hakim breathed his last on January 30, 1959. He was survived by his wife Khadijah, son Arif and daughter Rafia, who retired as Professor and Chairperson in Applied Psychology, Punjab University, Lahore. 




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